In olden days, lords, warriors and travelers brought
special foods all parts of Japan to Kyoto the capital city.

Founded in 1718, CHIMOTO has devoted all of our spirit to serve the finest Japanese cuisine in the Kyoto style.
Please experience Kyoto culture and have a pleasurable time at CHIMOTO with a beautiful river view.



Please request anything when making your reservation - customer satisfaction is our top priority.
We look forward to greeting you at Chimoto Restaurant.

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"YUKA" (dine at outside) and Rooms

"YUKA" (dine at outside)

During the summer (June 1 - September 30th)
you can choose to dine outside by the KAMO River,
or in the room of Tatami called "OZASHIKI".
Your meals will be served at your room
in the event of inclement weather.


Kotatsu room
Kotatsu Room
(you can take down your feet under the table)

table room

If you prefer to be seated in chairs,
kindly place your request at the time of your reservation.

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