About Chimoto

Over 300 Years of Chimoto ‒
Exploring Kyoto Chic, and spend an unforgettable time.

Historically, regional foods were brought from all parts of Japan to the
capital city, Kyoto by lords, warriors and travelers alike.
Founded in 1718, CHIMOTO has devoted all of our spirit to serve the
finest Japanese cuisine in the Kyoto style.
Located in the heart of Kyoto, the Gion-shijyo district, this traditional
Japanese restaurant has long preserved a special culture, attracting a
devoted clientele that includes many artists and literati.

Feel free to immerse yourself in Kyoto culture and have a pleasurable
time at CHIMOTO with the beautiful river view.

Taste of tradition and new creativity
Our concept is to preserve tradition and always keep having
inquisitive for foods.

The restaurant’s policy is to always come up with a
new menu for every month.
If there are any ingredients to which you have allergies or aversions,
kindly inform us when making your reservation.
Please enjoy the dishes that fully express the beautiful seasons.



Cancellation Policy

Please cancel by the morning of the previous day.
A cancellation fee from the afternoon of the previous day will be charged 50%.
100% cancellation fee will be charged on the day.
Thank you for your understanding.


All rooms face Kamo River.

The building is a historical building designated by Kyoto City.
Enjoy your meal with the scenery of the four seasons of beautiful
river view.

Seasonal Events

YUKA -Dine at Outside-

During the summer (May 1 ‒ September30th)
You can choose to dine outside by the Kamo River.
YUKA is an old custom that is said to have originated around 1570.
When there was no air conditioning, it was wisdom of our ancestors
thought of to cool off in summer.
Your meals will be served at your room in the event of inclement weather.


Shop Guide
LUNCH 12 : 00 〜 14:30 L.O.13:00
DINNER 17:00 〜 21:30 Close Monday
075-351-1846 Book from here
140-5 Saitocyo Shijyodori-sagaru Shimogyo-ku Kyoto Japan


by Taxy 15min.
east entrance No.1 by walk 3min.
entrance No.3 by walk 3min.
or entrance No.4(ESL) by 4min.